Elementary English in Korea
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On March 2nd, 2009...

...I had my first English teaching class.  At the start I had no training whatsoever, so I had to learn a lot by trial and error, but thanks to other teachers' help, internet resources, and afternoons of racking my brain for ways to make English fun, I eventually learned a lot about how to teach English in Korea.  If you happen to have found yourself in the same situation, I hope you will find this blog helpful. 

This website...

...can be best utilized by English teachers in Korea who are fairly new to teaching English and looking for ideas.

Rather than laying out some kind of exact lesson plan, which will probably not apply to your own situation, I've simply made 'key expression' headings in the different "Grade" pages, and included tips and suggestions that have worked for me while teaching those expressions. 

By the way, below is a good website for things like translating the settings on your washing machine or finding cool things to do in Korea:


I got a lot of great ideas from genkienglish.net, created by an English teacher in Japan.  Please watch the videos and be inspired:


If you have any suggestions, or find errors on this website, please contact me at lewisknudsen@gmail.com